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List of APs shown on the Dashboard ➤ Devices tab

The Compex Network Management System (CNMS) is a software that provides centralized management for all CompexWRT Access Points (APs) within your network. It is a portable application that runs on Windows PCs. Its simplified interface is user friendly and intuitive.


List of Features

How this CNMS Wiki is organized

The main Dashboard Tabs and AP Tabs are listed above.

Dashboard Tabs relate to the metainformation of multiple APs.

AP Tabs show information pertaining to a single AP only.

For detailed operation of the AP settings, please refer to the CompexWRT Section.

The easy way to obtain information is to enter your keyword into the Search Box at the top right corner of this Wiki.

An older all-in-one-page is available here.

Supported Products

System Requirements

CNMS Portable Application: CNMS available here:

Host Management PC Operating System for running CNMS: Microsoft Windows.

Firmware for Client Access Point: CNMS v1.4.0 to the current CNMS v1.7.14 is only compatible with QSDK v2.4.19 b170614 and QSDK v3.0.9 b170614 onward. Firmware available here:

Download Links

Getting Started and Adding an AP

Please refer to CNMS:Getting Started.


Please refer to CNMS Changelog.