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Changelist for CNMS v1.x

v1.7.14 b180608 (Current)

Date Released : 8 June 2018


  1. Fix: flash firmware doesn't clean all config.
  2. Fix: reconnect cause wrong IP after reset / reboot / flash firmware.
  3. Fix: reset doesn't clean all config.
  4. Fix: flash firmware on individual AP doesn't work.
  5. Fix: scan wifi and join doesn't have effect.
  6. Feat: allow to enable/disable TDMA parameter.
  7. Minor bug fixes.
  8. Fix: DHCP have no effect until restart network manually.
  9. Fix: blank screen when apply config.
  10. UI: add remark for Minimum Station RSSI field that it only for QSDK v2.x.
  11. Fix: unable to select AP in batch flash.
  12. Fix: unable to add/delete VAP (need API v1.0.0-180517).
  13. Fix: live update is enabled by default.
  14. Fix: do not allow to batch flash APs of different models.
  15. UI: add tooltip to explain why cannot select AP to batch flash.
  16. Fix: regression with source code protection in v1.7.7 cause the app to crash when open the preference pane.
  17. Fix: app hang when open Switch page.

v1.7.6 b180419

Date Released : 19 April 2018


  1. Fix: use explicit channel when choose 80+80 profile.
  2. Fix: failed to install API via SSH on 428 and 864.
  3. AP with outdated API now have a gray label.
  4. Fix: support all wireless profiles as OpenWRT.
  5. Notes: have a issue with 428 and 864.
  6. Fix: failed to install API because ipk file is too big.
  7. Fix: incorrect Enable DHCP checkbox state.
  8. Feat: allow to select and remove multiple devices.

v1.7.1 b180328

Date Released : 28 March 2018


  1. feat: force to upgrade API in order to configure AP.
  2. feat: force to reconnect when accessing to offline AP.
  3. fix: wrong SSH credential cause API installation failed silently.
  4. fix: WPS button show timed-out even though AP has been connected.
  5. fix: better handle cases when IP address changed after applying config.
  6. feat: support to login with empty password.
  7. fix: better app responsiveness when picking firmware file.
  8. fix: crash when configuring disabled radio.
  9. fix: memory leak on some rare cases.

v1.6.0 b170926 (Beta)

Date Released : 26 September 2017


  1. fix: login do nothing if the credential doesn't changed.
  2. wifi: remove mesh support.
  3. wifi: remove signal/chains, noise on client list.
  4. fix: missing ip/mac on dashboard.
  5. fix: batch flash firmware UI crashed.

v1.5.0 b170913

Date Released : 13 September 2017


  1. feat: allow to change application name in OEM module.
  2. feat: support OpenWrt VLAN.
  3. enhance: install API without chosing AP architecture.
  4. enhance: correct API installation error.
  5. enhance: support to install API on AP with disabled root account.
  6. fix: API install show failed after cancel SSH login.
  7. fix: reload all info from AP after upgrade API.
  8. fix: MAC filter doesn't change.

v1.4.0 b170728

Note: CNMS v1.4.0 onward is only compatible with QSDK v2.4.19 b170614 and QSDK v3.0.9 b170614 onward.

Date Released : 28 July 2017


  1. Added feature: support WiFi SON
  2. Added feature: support to update API from CNMS

v1.3.0 b170615

Note: CNMS v1.3.0 is only compatible with QSDK v2.4.19 b170614 and QSDK v3.0.9 b170614 onward.

Date Released : 15 June 2017


  1. Added: support VHT80+80 spectrum bandwidth
  2. Added: add batch flash firmware feature
  3. Added: add google maps features
  4. Fixed: failed to scan some APs if host machine has multiple NICs on the same network
  5. Fixed: transmit power only show MAX if antenna gain is empty
  6. Fixed: more reliable batch reboot
  7. Fixed: endless loading after apply config
  8. Fixed: after change wifi settings, no immediate show change in wifi page
  9. Fixed: ACK timeout missing in radio information
  10. Added: [UI]separate 2G/5G clients

v1.2.0 b170522

Date Released : 22 May 2017


  1. Added: reboot multiple APs.
  2. Added: OEM activation.
  3. Added: support for OEM module.
  4. Added: network topology.
  5. Fixed: lease time in DHCP - clear input but go back to 2m.
  6. Fixed: empty network setting in wifi1.
  7. Fixed: no changes after changed ip address.
  8. Fixed: disconnected if user change to static IP address.
  9. Fixed: block UI while reboot/reset/restore/flash.
  10. Fixed: flash firmware always wipe all configs.
  11. Fixed: form show old config after applied successfully.
  12. Fixed: cannot disable mesh network.


Network topology feature is experiment and have some limitations:

  • only support direct wireless connect between APs.
  • doesn't detect which AP the CNMS is connecting to.
  • doesn't detect which AP is the internet gateway.
  • doesn't detect internet speed for specific AP.

Known bug: number of client in network topology is always 0.

v1.1.0 b170413

Date Released : 13 Apr 2017


  1. Added: support PPPoE.


Date Released : 06 Apr 2017


  1. Added: [wifi]support to scan/join wifi.
  2. Added: [wifi]support ACS scan.
  3. Added: [wifi]allow to change dynamic channel selection on AP mode.
  4. Added: [dhcp]support static leases.
  5. Added: [mesh]support mesh network.
  6. Added: [vlan]support vlan.
  7. Added: [diagnostics]add diagnostics page.
  8. Added: [wifi]correct max tx power.
  9. Added: [wifi]fix enable/disable wifi network.
  10. Added: [system]allow to change admin password.


Date Released : 14 Mar 2017


  1. Added: support uconfig.
  2. Added: openwrt BB SSH settings.
  3. Added: [system]allow to flash image larger than 10MB.
  4. Fixed: incorrect tx power limit.
  5. Fixed: correct wireless network after assigned to wan.
  6. Fixed: empty confirm message when perform factory reset.
  7. Fixed: correct LAN ifname after set WAN ifname.
  8. Fixed: wrong wifi mode when enable wds.
  9. Fixed: cannot choose transmit power in drop-down list.
  10. Fixed: no 80mhz option for 11ac.
  11. Fixed: data rate cannot update in LuCI but changed in code 'man rate'.
  12. Fixed: failed to backup.
  13. Fixed: mac filter always missing dot after refresh page.
  14. Fixed: DHCP is already enable but CNMS show dhcp unchecked.
  15. Fixed: cannot set auto mode cipcher in wireless security.


Date Released : 20 Feb 2017


  1. Added: [firewall]basic firewall settings.
  2. Added: [wifi]MAC filter options.
  3. Added: [network]config WAN port.
  4. Added: [network]add/delete VAP.
  5. Added: [network]DHCP settings.
  6. Added: [network]add custom DNS field.
  7. Added: [UI]show status indicator at dashboard.
  8. Added: [system]add ssh/telnet config.
  9. Added: [network]Whole Home Coverage settings.
  10. Added: [network]QoS settings.
  11. Added: [network]SNMP config.
  12. Added: [network]LEDs config.