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Supported Boards

The boards supported are:

  • WPJ342
  • WPJ344
  • WPJ531
  • WPJ558
  • WPQ864
  • WPJ428

Disclaimer: Compex does not officially provide support for the usage of the open source wireless drivers with LEDE on the boards. We provide support for CompexWRT customers because the boards are designed to work best with the Qualcomm Atheros wireless drivers.

All LEDE related questions should be directed to the LEDE forum (https://forum.lede-project.org/). We regularly monitor and contribute to the LEDE as a voluntary service to the open source community.

Compile Instructions

We have instructions designed to let developers with a degree of understanding in LEDE and our Embedded Boards to compile specific versions of LEDE to be flashed on our Embedded Boards.

LEDE Compile Instructions

Flash Instructions


The firmware for LEDE can be downloaded from:

Download Links