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Manual:CompexWRT Changelog

CompexWRT only works on 8MB Flash (or more) and 64MB RAM (or more). Mesh runs better on 128MB RAM. If you need mesh for your operations, please use 128MB RAM.

Note: The public beta versions are mainly for the testing of new features. Users may expect to find bugs, instability, or incomplete features in the public beta versions.

For users who are interested in stable official releases, please choose the stable version.

Download Links

For all CompexWRT Downloads: Link

Stable Releases

Manual:CompexWRT Changelog/QSDK v6.x

Manual:CompexWRT Changelog/QSDK v5.x

Manual:CompexWRT Changelog/QSDK v4.x

Manual:CompexWRT Changelog/QSDK v3.x

Manual:CompexWRT Changelog/QSDK v2.x

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Version SDK Date
v6.0.5 b181004 QSDK v6.x 2018-10-04
v5.1.6 b180409 QSDK v5.x 2018-04-09
v5.1.3 b180110 QSDK v5.x 2018-01-10
v5.0.12 b171103 QSDK v5.x 2017-11-03
v5.0.11 b171024 QSDK v5.x 2017-10-24
v4.0.2 b171025 QSDK v4.x 2017-10-25
v3.2.1 b180510 QSDK v3.x 2018-05-10
v3.1.4 b171204 QSDK v3.x 2017-12-04
v3.1.3 b171025 QSDK v3.x 2017-10-25
v3.1.2 b170815 QSDK v3.x 2017-08-15
v3.1.1 b170804 QSDK v3.x 2017-08-04
v3.0.5 b170413 QSDK v3.x 2017-04-13
v2.4.22 b171130 QSDK v2.x 2017-11-30
v2.4.21 b171027 QSDK v2.x 2017-10-27
v2.4.16 b170411 QSDK v2.x 2017-04-11
v2.4.12 b170106 QSDK v2.x 2017-01-06
v2.4.11 b161221 QSDK v2.x 2016-12-21
v2.4.10 b160928 QSDK v2.x 2016-09-28
v2.3.3 b160701 QSDK v2.x 2016-07-01
v2.3.2 b160621 QSDK v2.x 2016-06-21
v2.3.1 b160606 QSDK v2.x 2016-06-06
v2.2.5 b160506 QSDK v2.x 2016-05-06
v2.2.4 b160402 QSDK v2.x 2016-04-02
v2.2.3 b160329 QSDK v2.x 2016-03-29
v2.2.1 b160309 QSDK v2.x 2016-03-09

Beta Releases

Manual:CompexWRT Changelog/Beta

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Version SDK Date
v5.0.7 b170904 Beta QSDK v5.x 2017-09-04
v5.0.5 b170825 Beta QSDK v5.x 2017-08-25
v3.1.2 b170830 Beta QSDK v3.x 2017-08-30
v3.0.9 b170614 Beta QSDK v3.x 2017-06-14
v3.0.8 b170519 Beta QSDK v3.x 2017-05-19
v2.4.21 b170830 Beta QSDK v2.x 2017-08-30
v2.4.19 b170614 Beta QSDK v2.x 2017-06-14
v2.4.18 b170524 Beta QSDK v2.x 2017-05-24
v2.4.13 b170303 Beta QSDK v2.x 2017-03-03
v2.4.7 b160907 Beta QSDK v2.x 2016-09-07
v2.4.3 b160810 Beta QSDK v2.x 2016-08-10
v2.4.1 b160727 Beta QSDK v2.x 2016-07-27
v2.1.15 b160201 Beta QSDK v2.x 2016-02-01
v2.1.10 b151211 Beta QSDK v2.x 2015-12-11
v2.1 b151208 Beta QSDK v2.x 2015-12-08
v2.0.26 b151116 Beta QSDK v2.x 2015-11-16