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Clicking on Dashboard ➤ Batch Flash firmware on the left side menu of the Dashboard. We can select more than one AP to perform batch flash firmware in few AP at once.

Steps to do batch flash firmware:

  1. Only those AP with the same model can be selected to flash firmware at one time.
  2. Tick the checkbox to select the to-be-flashed APs.
  3. Click on "Select Firmware" button to upload new firmware. Under status column you will see "Uploading".
  4. In the prompt window, click "Flash" to proceed flashing firmware. Otherwise, click "Cancel" to do nothing. Click "Flash and wipe all settings" to proceed flashing firmware and the board will back to default factory setting.
  5. When the device is flashing firmware, the status will show "Flashing".
  6. Wait for few minutes for the flash firmware process completed.
  7. Once the new firmware done upgraded, status will show Done.
  8. You will see the firmware version is updated under Version column.

Notes:Make sure the latest version of CNMS and firmware is used.

Follows are the illustration of the batch flash firmware process. Batch flash fw.gif

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