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The list of APs are shown on the main Dashboard ➤ Devices page. Information about each AP are quickly retrieved:

  • Name,
  • IP Address,
  • MAC Address,
  • SSID,
  • Model, and
  • Firmware Version.

Device list.png

We can adjust the window size to show all the text.

Scan AP

This is a new feature where we can bring up the details of Compex APs in our network instantly. Click on "Scan" button to detect all available APs in one management network.

Scan AP.gif

Login AP

The APs have the orange coloured "LOGIN" icon. This means that we have to enter the username and password which is the same as for the LuCI web page login. Once we have login, the green coloured "ONLINE" icon appears beside the AP name. Login.gif

Add AP

Click on "Add AP" then you can add an undetectable AP in the network into the list Add AP.gif

Refresh AP

Click on "Refresh" to update the Status of an AP. Refresh button.gif

Remove AP

Click on "Remove" to remove the unwanted AP from the list. Remove AP.gif

Reboot AP

Select numbers of AP to reboot all selected AP at once. Reboot AP.png

Refer CNMS: Dashboard/Multiple AP Reboot for more details.

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