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In the list of device, tick on checkbox beside AP you will see a "Reboot" button. We can select more than one AP to perform multiple AP reboot at once.

Steps to do multiple AP reboot:

  1. Tick the checkbox to select the to-be-rebooted APs.
  2. Click on Reboot button
  3. In the prompt window, click Yes to confirm the reboot action. Otherwise, choose No.
  4. When the device is rebooting, the status will show "Rebooting".
  5. Wait for few minutes for the reboot process completed. The status might change to Offline in between.
  6. Once the AP done rebooted, the status of device would turn to Online and green.

Notes:Make sure the latest version of CNMS and firmware is used.

Follows are the illustration of the multiple reboot process. Multiple reboot.gif

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