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Clicking on Dashboard ➤ Network Topology on the left side menu of the Dashboard, we can see how the network is connected. Login to the APs is required for them to show up.

Network topology all.png

Here we can see a wavy arrow from a AP (APC2_563AP) to a STA (APC2_531AP) connected by the SSID called "APC2_test_563". Link quality is shown in percentage.

Network topology.png

If we click on an AP name, we can see some details such as

  • Hostname
  • IP Address
  • AP Model
  • Firmware Version
  • SSIDs

Network topology details.png

There is also an "OPEN" button.

Clicking on the "OPEN" button, we can enter into the Status Overview page of the AP.

Network topology open.png

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