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Clicking on Dashboard ➤ Upgrade API on the left side menu of the Dashboard.

Steps to perform API upgrade:

  1. You will see out-dated devices that need to have API upgraded.
  2. Click 'Upgrade API' tab.
  3. Every board will have existing API version, shown under 'API Version' column.
  4. Select the board for upgrading API by ticking checkbox.
  5. Click 'Upgrade API' button.
  6. Key in the corresponding firmware root password and click 'INSTALL API'.
  7. Wait for a while for the API upgrade process to complete.
  8. Once the API has been upgraded, the API version will change to the latest one and status will show 'update-to-date'.

Notes: Make sure the latest version of CNMS and firmware is used.

The following is an animation of the API upgrade process. CNMS API Upgrade 1.7.10.gif

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