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Changelist for QSDK v2.x

Boards supported: WPJ342-A, WPJ344-A, WPJ531-A, WPJ558-A.

v2.4.22 b171130

Date Released  : 30 November 2017

  1. Fix EAP-TLS.
  2. Add HTTPS support.

v2.4.21 b171027

Date Released  : 27 October 2017

  1. QCA patch for Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK), breaking WPA2 by forcing nonce reuse.
  2. Fix LED1 is always off for WPJ531.
  3. Known bug: root password not working.

v2.4.16 b170411

Date Released  : 11 April 2017

  1. [qca-wifi] Workaround to fix 11ac station cannot connect to 11ac AP Super Channel 4960 channel
  2. [qca-wifi] Support HT40 in Super Channel 4920 and 4980 channels, no VHT80 for 4920-4980 as it does not work
  3. [qca-wifi] add channels 5480 and 5720 to Czech country code, add channel range 5420 to 5720 to Super channels
  4. [rpc] support vlan settings
  5. [rpc] support network diagnostics
  6. [rpc] ability to change password
  7. [rpc] support kosong firmware
  8. [luci] fix: unable to access luci after change admin password

v2.4.12 b170106

Date Released  : 6 January 2017

  1. Fixed: VLAN priority and web access bugs
  2. For WPJ563-A only: b170119 is the first firmware for WPJ563-A. This firmware has the same features set as current WPJ558-A or WPJ344-A.
  3. For WPJ344-A only: b170208 is the fix for the 3.3V USB. USB VCC default is set to 5V by setting GPIO13 as output value 1.
    If 802.11ac wireless card is used, the temperature switch feature may set the output back to 3.3V if the card is very hot. To disable the temp switch feature, run:
    uci set wireless.wifi1.tempswitch=0
    uci commit wireless

v2.4.11 b161221

Date Released  : 21 December 2016

  1. LuCI: allow to restrict web access by network interface
  2. LuCI: allow to set VLAN priority
  3. Fixed: redirect after changing web protocol/port
  4. Added: allow to override router model name

v2.4.10 b160928

Date Released  : 28 September 2016

  1. config: enable json-rpc2 by default (for APc2)
  2. luci: cpxoeminfo: encrypt cpxoeminfo key
  3. luci: mesh: fix Mesh Wireless Gateway isn't up
  4. luci: fix rssi status always show 50%
  5. luci: apc2: allow upload/flash firmware
  6. luci: apc: fix toggle wifi issue
  7. fix macfiltering issue
  8. qsdk: vlan: fix network_fixup conflict vlan
  9. fix tempswitch missing threshold issue
  10. set tx stats enable by default
  11. fix macfiltering can't use remove button to remove mac
  12. remember maclist if macfiltering is disabled

v2.3.3 b160701

Date Released  : 1 July 2016

For WPJ342-A: wpj342a-v2.3.3-b160701-16M.img: This firmware can support WLE200 Series ONLY.

For WPJ344-A: wpj344a-v2.3.3-b160701-16M.img: This firmware can support WLE900 Series, WLE600 Series, WLE350 Series, and WLE200 Series.

For WPJ531-A: wpj531a-v2.3.3-b160701-16M.img: This firmware can support WLE600 Series, WLE200 Series.

For WPJ558-A: wpj558a-v2.3.3-b160701-16M.img: This firmware can support WLE900 Series, WLE600 Series, WLE350 Series, and WLE200 Series.

  1. Fix factory reset sometimes doesn't work.

v2.3.2 b160621

Date Released  : 21 June 2016

  1. Support more 5/10 MHz channels, tested on certain channels range with WLE200NX, WPJ342, and WPJ531.
  2. Change US U-NII-1 Max TX power from 17dBm to 30dBm.
  3. luci: Add HT40 auto channel to automatically select above or below extension channel.
  4. luci: Fix file upload functions not working properly.
  5. luci: Support ACS background scan, allow wifi to automatically scan after an interval and switch to better channel.
  6. luci: Trigger cpxmeshrecover with wifi changes when mesh is enabled.
  7. luci: Fix switching quarter_half country bugs.
  8. qos-scripts: Enable qos for uplink only.
  9. config: luci: Enable iputils-traceroute6.

v2.3.1 b160606

Date Released  : 6 June 2016

  1. Provide first and second radio MAC address in production information.
  2. Support more themes.
  3. Fix firmware upgrade loses logo bug.
  4. Fix 558 onboard throughput issue.

v2.2.5 b160506

Date Released  : 6 May 2016

  1. [cpxoeminfo] allow to hide OEM tab in the navigation.
  2. [vlan] use openwrt VLAN setting style.
  3. [autoreboot] Fix autoreboot bug when select reboot by hours.

v2.2.4 b160402

Date Released  : 2 Apr 2016

  1. Added auto reboot feature

v2.2.3 b160329

Date Released  : 29 Mar 2016

  1. [network] Set no interface for WAN
  2. [luci] Simpler Mesh Configuration
  3. [cpxoeminfo] reduce the chance factory reset error

v2.2.1 b160309

Date Released  : 9 Mar 2016

  1. Fully support 4.9 Channels with 20MHz channel spectrum width in Super Channel
  2. Create WAN interface on eth1
  3. Fix alignment buzzer stops working
  4. Reduce fw size and disable unused applications

Known Issues

  1. APC can't change radio setting, will be fixed in the next release.
  2. 5/10 MHz channel bandwidth is only working with WLE200 in 5G band.
  3. VLAN web configuration is not working, will be fixed in the next release.