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Changelist for QSDK v3.x

Boards supported: WPJ531-A, WPJ558-A, WPJ563-A.

Note: Upon upgrade, please uncheck “keep setting” option when flashing firmware between v1.x, v2.x, 3.1.0 & below, and 3.1.1 & above.

v3.2.1 b180510

Date Released  : 10 May 2018

  1. Fix IP change issues.
  2. Support Huawei LTE modem.
  3. Fix initramfs problem.
  4. Use actual noise floor instead of fixed -95.

v3.1.4 b171204

Date Released  : 4 December 2017

  1. Test firmware with USB LTE and SIM card info in production info.txt.

v3.1.3 b171025

Date Released  : 25 October 2017

  1. QCA patch for Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK), breaking WPA2 by forcing nonce reuse.
  2. Fix LED1 is always off for WPJ531.

v3.1.2 b170815

Date Released  : 15 August 2017

  1. Fix: remove default cpx vlan package

v3.1.1 b170804

Date Released  : 4 August 2017

For the web upgrade method, "keep setting" must have to be unchecked in the luCI in order to update from an older version to this v3.1.1.

  1. Enable OpenWRT ethernet Driver
  2. Enable to add new network interface
  3. Remove VLANs tab from UI

v3.0.5 b170413

Date Released  : 13 April 2017

  1. QCA 10.4 wireless driver from SPF4.0CS
  2. Test firmware with 10.4 wireless driver, support new generations of 11ac cards
  3. [qca-wifi] fix scanlist shows non-selected adjacent channels in 2g
  4. [qca-wifi] add support for station scan list
  5. [qca-wifi] add auto ack support
  6. [qca-wifi] add transmit ccq (client connection quality) info
  7. [qca-wifi] fix wrong tx rate in station info if manual rate setting is used
  8. [luci] add support for APc2 v1.1.0