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Changelist for QSDK v5.x

Boards supported: WPJ428, WPQ864, and WPQ865.

v5.1.6 b180409

Date Released  : 9 April 2018 (for WPQ865)

  1. Fix micro sd not working, display micro sd info in /www/prod/info.txt.
  2. Display eSATA info in /www/prod/info.txt.
  3. Fix wrong sim card info in /www/prod/info.txt.

v5.1.3 b180110

Date Released  : 10 January 2018 (for WPQ864)

  1. Update code base to SPF5.3 CSU1
  2. Support ack timeout setting (Distance optimization) for QCA9880.

v5.0.12 b171103

Date Released  : 3 November 2017 (for WPJ428)

  1. Show two sim card info in production info.txt.
  2. Enable wireless EAP modes in web.

v5.0.11 b171024

Date Released  : 24 October 2017

  1. Security patch: Key Reinstallation Attacks (KRACKs) breaking WPA2 by forcing nonce reuse.