Manual:CompexWRT Changelog/QSDK v6.x

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Changelist for QSDK v6.x

Boards supported: WPJ563.

v6.0.5 b181004

Date Released  : 4 Oct 2018 (for WPJ563-A)

  1. auto set scanband option for sta mode, so sta only scans the desired band.
  2. fix the wifison problem (the pcie radio may not connect, or connect to 2g radio) when the pcie radio used is dual band.
  3. use radio mac address from flash.
  4. Country name support.
  5. lte sim support.
  6. add su command.
  7. fix ethernet mac address.
  8. correct prod/info.txt.
  9. add rssi leds support.