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The Network tab


To access the CompexWRT configuration interface, perform the following steps:

  • Connect the local area network (LAN) port of the router to the network port of your computer using an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are also known as LAN cables or network cables. They connect devices such as computers, routers, and switches on wired networks.
  • Next, take the power adapter that comes with the set and connect it to a power socket as well as the router. Turn on the power.
  • Assign the Ethernet adapter on your computer with a static IP address on the 192.168.1.x network, e.g. and with a subnet mask
  • Launch a web browser and enter the default IP address of the router,, into the address bar. The router's configuration web page should be presented.

The first page that you see is the login page. The words on the top left denote the firmware build version e.g. MimoAP v1.39_b140401.

CpxWRT Login.png


To change the language, please navigate to the System page, look for the System Properties section, click the Language and Style tab, and click the drop-down list for Language. You can change the language from English to another language e.g. Chinese (中文).

Supported Products

The CompexWRT software resides in the following models of routers:

  • The WPJ342 Series
  • The WPJ344 Series
  • The WPJ428 Series
  • The WPJ531 Series
  • The WPJ558 Series
  • The WPJ563 Series
  • The WPQ864 Series
  • The WPQ865 Series

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Linux, or Mac OS X.

Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or above.

  • On Windows and Linux PCs, the recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.
  • On Android phones/tablets, the recommended browsers are Firefox, Chrome, and Dolphin.
  • On Apple iPhone/iPad, the recommended browsers are Safari, Chrome, and Dolphin.

The login page is presented upon requesting the router's IP address.

The default authorization details are:
Username: admin
Password: password

Advanced information: There is a 'root' user in the AP's Linux shell. It cannot be used to login to the AP's web page. You may wish to use the Access Point Controller (APc) to change the password of the 'root' user to a password of your choice. Following that, you can access the AP's Linux shell by using a serial cable or by SSH.

The PuTTY software can be used for either method. The Compex APc software is offered free of charge.

Operating Modes

The router can operate in the following modes:

  1. Access Point / Master.
  2. Station / Client.
  3. Access Point WDS.
  4. Station WDS.

A wide area network (WAN) is a network that covers a broad area. The world's most popular WAN is the Internet. In a commonly used setup, the WAN port of an access point connects to a modem via an Ethernet cable. A modem can be a cable, digital subscriber line (DSL), or fiber optic modem. A modem translates the signal from the internet service provider (ISP) to Ethernet signals that the access point can understand. This allows the access point to have internet connection.

Other devices called stations connect wirelessly to this access point. These devices can be mobile phones, printers, IP cameras, laptops, or even other routers. The stations obtain internet connection from the access point.

An access point WDS and a station WDS together extend the wireless coverage, like a repeater. More information on the setup can be The Status Tab.

Buttons and Changes

The buttons are described here.

  • Reset: Undo the changes.
  • Save: Saves the changes. Currently please do not use this button.
  • Save & Apply: Saves and applies the changes. Please use this button instead of the 'Save' button so that the changes would be applied immediately. It is recommended to click this button before moving to a different page.
  • Logout: Logs out of the router's web page.

CpxWRT Logout.png

The Logout button is circled.

Note: At the top right corner of the router's configuration web page, there may be either of the following texts displayed.
  • Changes: 0: Means that all changes on the configuration web page have been applied to the router.
  • Unsaved Changes: Shows the number of changes that have not yet been Save & Apply.

Reset Button

The reset button is a physical hardware button on the board. Please refer to Reset Button.


The light emitting diodes (LEDs) on the board are described in LEDs on the Board.


The buzzer makes the following sounds:

  • Power up: Beep once.
  • End of Firmware Loading: Beep twice.
  • Alignment: Beep according to signal thresholds defined. The alignment buzzer is described in Section Link Status (for Station Mode).

Subject to hardware configuration

Serial Console

A serial console makes it easy to flash the firmware and to debug potential problems. A serial adapter may be purchased from Compex. It plugs into a row of 4 pins on the board. More information can be found in the document 80-Y1005-2 CompexWRT Firmware Upgrade.

Modifying the CompexWRT Source Codes

With the proper tools, the CompexWRT source codes can be modified. The router functions and the configuration webpage can be redesigned.


Please refer to this page