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APs running the CompexWRT firmware can be managed by a Compex Access Point Controller (APc).

The Compex APc sends and receives information from CompexWRT APs using the SNMPv3 protocol.

Getting Started with Managing APs using the APc

For each AP, please perform the following steps in the AP's web page:

  1. Set the APc IP address.
  2. Set the AP's IP address, default gateway, and custom DNS server.
    • The web page may not jump automatically to the new IP address if the subnet changed, so please re-enter the new IP address in the browser.
    • Click on the network tab to check that the L2TP is communicating packets with the APc.
  3. Set the hostname of the AP to better identify it.

The following describes the “APController” top-level tab.

CpxWRT APc Settings.png

The new AP Controller tab.

When using the APc for the first time, you only need to set the IP address of the APc. This has to be done in the AP's configuration web page itself. All other settings should remain as the default values for now.

Please always click “Save & Apply”. Do not click “Save”. This is to apply the settings immediately.

L2TPv3 Settings

The following are the settings for the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Version 3 (L2TPv3).

Remote Server: Configures the IP address of the APc e.g. Chap-username: Sets the username for the Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP). Chap-secret: Sets the password for the Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP).


By default, the Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) is disabled for the CompexWRT WPJ342 and WPJ342 boards to decrease the usage of the CPU resources. It can also be enabled.

The L2TPv3 itself already provides data channel protection against malicious data insertion.

Pre-shared key: Sets the password for the IPsec.

APc SNMP Settings

The “SNMPv3 AP to APC” section contains the APc SNMP settings.

CpxWRT APc SNMP Settings.png

Currently, the following default values must be used.

User Name: “admin”

Auth Password: “apc0ntr0ll3r”

Privacy Password: “apc0ntr0ll3r”

AP SNMP Settings

For communication from the APc to the AP, the settings in the following section of the LuCI web page is used:

System ➤ SNMP ➤ SNMP Configuration ➤ General Settings

The description of the SNMP options are mentioned in SNMP Configuration.