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When you click on the Status ➤ Routes tab, you would see the page that shows the routing rules that are currently active on the device.

CpxWRT Status Routes.png

ARP: This address resolution protocol (ARP) table shows the IP address and corresponding MAC address of each device on the network.

Active IPv4-Routes: This table shows the IPv4 gateway and network ID (Target) for each subnet. A summary in the Wireless section for a device operating as an 802.11 access point.

SSID: Displays the name of the wireless network that this access point (AP) is offering, the Service Set Identifier (SSID). 
Mode: This is 'Master' if the device is in AP mode or AP WDS mode.
Channel: Shows the channel number and frequency that this AP is using.
Bitrate: This is the maximum bitrate supported by the radio in the current configuration.
BSSID: This is the MAC address of the AP's radio.
Encryption: Displays the wireless encryption used.
ACK Timeout: Shows the maximum acknowledgment time in microseconds.
DFS Status: If DFS is enabled, the AP automatically switches channel if radar is detected on the current channel.