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LEDs on the Board

On the WPJ344 and WPJ342 boards, the LEDs starting from the one nearest the corner are: Power, LAN, LED#1, LED#2, LED#3, and LED#4.

LED Configuration for Signal Strength Indicator LEDs #1 to #4

The System ➤ LED Configuration page customizes how the LEDs indicate the received signal strength.

Signal strength indicator interface: Chooses the Wireless interface, which is the wireless network name.

Signal strength indicator LEDs: Sets the received signal strength thresholds (in dBm) above which LEDs #1 to #4 would light up.

CpxWRT System LED.png

Summary of the LED Indicators

The LED indicators are summarized in the following table.

LED Description
Power (green) The Power LED emits a steady light when electrical power (normally at 24 V) is supplied to the board.
LAN (green) The LAN/Diagnostic LED is lighted dimly when the LAN ports are not connected.

The LAN LED blinks whenever packets are transferred through any of the LAN ports.

LED#1 (red) LED#1 indicates the received signal strength (low).
LED#2 (orange) LED#2 indicates the received signal strength (medium).
LED#3 (green) LED#3 indicates the received signal strength (high).
LED#4 (green) LED#4 indicates the received signal strength (very high).

When the board is in the Loader mode, this LED#4 blinks steadily. LEDs #1 to #3 are not lighted up. Note: The physical arrangement of LEDs on the board may differ for different models.