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Reset Button

The reset button is a physical hardware button on the AP hardware board. Depending on how long the button is pressed, you can reboot the board or reset it to factory default.

First make sure that the power is on and wait a minute for the board to finish starting up. The following table shows the duration of the button press and the corresponding action.

Duration of Button Press Action
0 - 3 seconds Reboot
4 - 30 seconds Reset to factory default
more than 30 seconds Nothing will occur


Perform reboot: Reboots the operating system of your device. This is similar to the power-off and power-on cycle.

Auto Reboot

CpxWRT System Auto Reboot.png

Auto Reboot: Allows the router to reboot itself automatically, disabled by default.

Mode: Chooses the Auto Reboot mode By Time or By Number of Hours.

Time: Sets the time of day to reboot if the Mode is By Time.

Number of Hours: Sets the delay as an integer number of hours after each reboot, if the Mode is By Number of Hours.

The system configuration remains the same. Any changes that are not applied are lost.