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Within the section on System Properties, there are tabs corresponding to General Settings, Logging, and Language and Style.

General Settings

Local Time: Displays the local time according to the Timezone.

Hostname: Configures the name of the device.

Timezone: Sets the timezone.


CpxWRT System Logging.png

Logging: Specifies parameters used for the system log, such as System log buffer size, External system log server, External system log server port, Log output level, and Cron Log Level.

Language and Style

CpxWRT System Language and Style.png

Language and Style: Lets you choose the language and design of the router's web pages.

Time Synchronization

Enable NTP client: Obtains the date and time from specified Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers.

NTP server candidates: These are the sources of the time information. At least three are recommended for accurate time synchronization.

CpxWRT System NTP.png