OpenWRT Compile Instructions

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This page has instructions designed to let developers with a degree of understanding in OpenWRT and our Embedded Boards to compile specific versions of OpenWRT to be flashed on our Embedded Boards.

Choose the latest release of OpenWRT

Step 1: Clone Latest release of CC or DD

Stable release Chaos Calmer(CC) - Recommended stable release

git clone git://

For Designated Driver(DD) - heavily developing

git clone

Step 2: Update and install Feeds

cd openwrt
./scripts/feeds update -a
./scripts/feeds install -a

Step 3: Configure OpenWRT menuconfig to generate the firmware you need

First, go to menuconfig

make menuconfig

Select board type, for example WPJ344

  • Target System (Atheros AR7xxx/AR9xxx)
  • Subtarget (Generic)
  • Target Profile (Compex WPJ344)
    • Select other options like Compex WPJ342 if you want to compile WPJ342

Enable LuCI web management

  • LuCI —>
    • Collections —>
      • <*> luci

Enable ath10k for 11ac support

  • Kernel modules —>
    • Wireless Drivers —>
      • <*> kmod-ath10k

Step 4: Compile

run the make command in openwrt directory


Step 5: Flash firmware for the first time with tftp

The firmware is generated in openwrt/bin/ar71xx

The following are the flash instructions of each board in the OpenWRT wiki:

More updated flash instructions can be found here: