Using LEDE/OpenWRT with WPQ864

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The WPQ864 boards with CompexWRT firmware when shipped from production have empty NAND flash.

CompexWRT firmware is using NOR flash. The jumper configuration is set to boot from NOR flash.

LEDE/OpenWRT firmware is using NAND flash.

We cannot load LEDE/OpenWRT firmware straight away onto empty NAND flash. We must use Compex NAND firmware first: ➤ nand-ipq806x-single.img

The reason is that the LEDE/OpenWRT firmware is incomplete.

The LEDE/OpenWRT firmware only contains the HLOS partition. It won't be able to boot up by itself.

The Compex NAND firmware contains several partitions, including the QCA bootloader.

Therefore, configure the WPQ864 jumper to boot from NAND flash, load Compex NAND firmware, and then load LEDE/OpenWRT firmware.

Please refer to:

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