Using OpenWRT with WPJ531

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Compex WPJ531

WPJ531 Datasheet

OpenWrt upstream support merged link. OpenWrt image link.

Chaos Calmer 15.05 does not support the mPCIe port, which works on trunk as of 30/07/2015.

Hardware info

Architecture MIPS
Vendor Qualcomm Atheros
Bootloader U-Boot
System-On-Chip AR9531
Switch [none] Soc has two 100Mbps phys
CPU Speed 650 MHz
Flash size 16 MB
Wireless on-board abgn radio, 1 miniPCIe slot for Compex WLE200/300/600/900 series, including 802.11ac radio cards
Ethernet 2 × 100Mbps ports
PoE Integrated 48V 802.3af (alternative 24V PoE available)
USB With USB Extension (optional), can support 1 × miniPCIe-based USB 2.0 only interface (e.g. 3G modems), 2 × USB 2.0 ports
Other Features Serial Port, JTAG, Reset Button, Surge Arrestor, Watchdog Timer


WPJ531 board

WPJ531 board


UART speed is 115200.


Serial pinout is VCC, RX, TX, GND (from top to bottom, as shown in the photo).

USB is available on a header with GND, D+, D-, VCC (from left to right, as shown in the photo).

Compiling OpenWRT

Please refer to: OpenWRT Compile Instructions

Flash OpenWRT

Please refer to OpenWRT Flash Instruction

U-Boot env

WPJ531 U-Boot env

Stock Firmware Bootlog

WPJ531 Stock Firmware Bootlog

OpenWrt bootlog

WPJ531 OpenWrt bootlog

Stock Firmware Information

Please contact us to get the firmware login password.