WPQ864 LEDE Flash Instructions

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==================== Flash firmware ================================
tftpboot 0x42000000 lede-ipq806x-AP148-squashfs-nand-factory.ubi
ipq_nand linux
nand erase 0x1340000 0x4000000
nand write 0x42000000 0x1340000 $filesize
==================== boot args =====================================
# check current u-boot environments

# if bootargs and fsbootargs values are incorrect, set them using the
# following commands

set bootargs console=ttyMSM0,115200n8
==================== set eth mac ====================================
# set eth0, eth1 mac address
set ethaddr 04:f0:21:10:88:66
set eth1addr 04:f0:21:10:88:67